Bishop's Message


 Dear Friends,

Worry and anxiety are part of the experience of all of us.  Spending too much time in worry saps and takes away our energy!

Living the moment is also part of realistic living.  Now is real.  I cannot change the past.  I cannot deal with tomorrow today.

Jesus is reminding us to live the moment, to live now!

Sure, we need to reflect on the past and learn from past experiences, and deal with consequences of our past actions.  We also need to do some forward thinking and planning for the future.

However, we also need to learn how best to channel our energies.  Wasting time on useless guilt or anxiety is just that, a waste of time!

Jesus also reminds us, of course, about seeking the Kingdom of God above all things.  The Kingdom of God is God's will for us.

"If God is for us who can be against us!"

God did not promise that we would not have problems.  He promised to give us the strength and help we need to deal with our challenges.

We are never alone.  It is because of God's loving help and grace that we can better learn to deal with worries and anxieties.

In Christ,

Bishop Charles Gauci